Not all quests are rumoured here; some emerge as the adventure goes along. Similarly, not all rumours here are true. Or at least, not true, yet.

  • Brand is aware of the howls from the Fogmoor. He warns that the moor is inhabited by lizardman tribes, however, and believes the howls to merely be a large wolf. He promises he will deal with it should it show itself in the village.
  • Gavin Morigan speaks about a strange floating ship he saw in the night sky a few weeks back. He claims it was a schooner under full sail and sailed of to the south.
  • Lady Sybill is familiar with the history of Brockendale Castle, as it used to be the Pemberton seat of power. The castle is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman who was executed there on suspicion of being a witch. Her name was Elanour, and within a year of the execution, the Pembertons relocated to Hengistbury Keep. This was all a couple of generations ago, and happened before Lady Sybill was born. She thinks that her husband would probably know a little more.
  • Aus will talk about how neat the dragon of Skull Mountain is and how much he thinks it would be cool to see it and talk to it. He clearly has no idea how dangerous dragons are, nor can he be convinced they are anything less than wonderful. Anyone speaking ill of the dragon or suggesting it should be killed will be mocked as only an 8 year-old can.
  • Mylani Azalathellon refers to her notebook and says she thinks that someone is trying break the law rather badly in Hengistbury. She will not be drawn out beyond this statement and simply looks darkly at the PCs.
  • Three-Fingered Jake elaborates a little on the rumours of treasure at Brockendale Castle. Apparently, the Pemberton’s family scabbard is located there; Lord Pemberton has the sword itself, but when the castle was abandoned in the dead of the night, the former Lord Pemberton had sword in hand. The scabbard was left in his bedchamber. It is not only valuable, it also has great sentimental value for the Lord and Lady Pemberton, and is said to have magical properties.
  • Saraz bint Farad bint Aquilah asks the PCs if they know about the black cheese. She believes they are possessed by the souls of the dead and that something evil is going on at Clothbinder’s Cheese Shop. People will confirm that the Black Cheeses are to be left alone.
  • Ariadne, Brand’s niece, has joined Lady Sybill’s Autumn fair committee. She has grand plans for the flower arrangement competition. While in Thornbury last week, she thought she saw a small scaly humanoid creature dressed in robes, watching her.
  • Ugg is sitting on the ground outside the tavern because he’s too big to fit inside. He talks of seeing a ‘green lady’ out on the Fogmoors being followed around by what he calls “scalies”.
  • The Mortimer Brothers (well, Gord and Beej) are sitting with Ugg, outside the tavern, and are concerned that Poke hasn’t been seen since they dared him to venture into the Weirwood at night.
  • Some of the locals may mention trouble at a bridge near Thornbury. Travellers mention having been attacked by a Troll at the bridge.
  • The woodsman, Stefan Oakfell, should he happen to be in town and willing to talk, can tell a strange tale of gypsies in the Queenswood and late night dancing around a bonfire to the strains of unearthly music.
  • One of the older Townsfolk, either a fishermen or a barge-man, speaks of strange goings on near a place called Murray’s Folly. He seems to be a bit drunk and talks about floating rocks and ghostly hammering noises.
  • Someone mentions that Albert Wright, in Thornbury, seems to have news of an interesting creature out in the hills. He is seeking help in tracking it down and capturing it.
  • A group of adventurers has been making trouble in the area lately. They keep asking about something called Bluestone, but no one knows what this might be.